The Ready2Exercise app personalizes every workout to your specific goals, needs, and available equipment. Exercise goals are as individual as our fingerprints. Our mission is to remove stumbling blocks of exercise and help individuals progress on their exercise journeys through workout programs that adjust to the daily chaos of life.

Health Professionals Online Stores

"The store has saved time for patients and clinicians and patient feedback for my clinic, RhodesPT has been very positive, noting the smooth process and experience for shoppers. Stores are really easy to set up and the dashboard’s ease of use within the app is great! I love that patients can access stores directly from a clinic’s website and then select their individual therapist on a clinic’s landing page for a personalized patient experience."

- Jen Bieber, Founder and Physical Therapist


"I was looking at doing things better and trying to change the system and the standards of care, which is where this idea came from. David and I started talking and he motivated me to try to do things differently. In the realm of PT, a lot of people have great ideas that could change the standards of care and improve our outcomes, and there is no platform or easy avenue to do that. You guys are doing a great job creating it, and I thank you for that."

- Bill Hull, Founder and Physical Therapist

Get Your Fix

"I have been part of Rehabilitation Health for several years now. As a part of the network, I have had the opportunity to meet other health professionals as well as other experts who are important for entrepreneurs to know, people I never even considered needing to know prior to being part of the group. Being involved in the network has given me access to experts who have helped me grow my business in ways I never thought possible, including bringing to life an app and learning how to get more exposure to both the app and myself. I am excited to see how the network continues to help grow my business."

- Brianne Showman, Founder


"I really can’t say enough good things about the process of working with Rehabilitation Health. I put down the really corny catch phrase of you can’t have your cake and eat it. Well I felt like working with Rehabilitation Health, you could, because they de-risked what we were trying to do and really met and exceeded our expectations without really knowing what this could turn into and really produced something that is a great product. We were able to meet with them regularly, and they took the time to understand what our vision was in making this come to life and gave some really good feedback. We thought we were coming with these really high end questions, and their response would be ‘Oh yeah, we’ll take care of that.’ And it was just that over and over again in making this come to life. I personally hold the work that I do to a very high standard, and held them to a high standard as well, and they nailed it."

- Akil Piggott, Co-Founder & CEO