Create Sustainable Health & Business Ventures

With our live experiential courses, conversations and shows, subject-matter experts, 1-1 interactions, and member resources, collaborate with Rehabilitation Health to bring your ideas to life and create success in your ventures.

Online Stores
Sell Rehabilitation Health products through your own virtual store, the Rehabilitation Health virtual store, and our members virtual stores.

We help our members develop, commercialize, and distribute their own products based on the model we created for our products the NextSling and the SlingSlip.
Member Resources
Collaborate with our subject-matter experts who are dedicated to providing resources to our members. Current member resources are Finance, Funding, Software Development, Legal (General & IP), Marketing, Product Development, IT, and Construction & Repair.
Health & Business Ventures
Create a path to sustainable growth for your idea and business by collaborating with the Rehabilitation Health team, subject-matter experts, member resources, and funding.
Spotlight Ventures
Turn yourself into a successful and profitable venture through collaborating with the Rehabilitation Health team and community. Join members like Leslie Goldman, Peter Deininger, and more!