Health Entrepreneurship Certification

Our health entrepreneurship certification™ program provides the knowledge and skills most needed today. Taught by subject-matter experts, this is the cost-effective and comprehensive experiential learning people need. All content has easy navigation, abstracts, highlights, short videos, and more. All certifications are renewed on a yearly basis with new information to make sure you stay up-to-date and new certifications will be available soon.

  • Health Entrepreneurship Certification 101™ (HE-1™) - Available January 2021
    • This certification consists of 4 Modules. Each module has approx. 10 sessions. Featured sessions of each module are below.
  • Health Entrepreneurship Certification 202™ (HE-2™) - Coming Soon
  • Health Entrepreneurship Certification 303™ (HE-3™) - Coming Soon

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Certification 101 Content

  1. General Health Entrepreneurship
    1. Transitioning to Entrepreneurship: Investing in Health & Wellness with Nathan Slack
    2. Pain Care Labs: Creating the Future of Pain Management - From Shark Tank to COVID-19 to the Future with Dr. Amy Baxter
    3. Wellness Going Mainstream with Jay Faires
    4. Ideation: Strategies for Bringing Ideas to Life with Robert Bishop
  2. Strategy & Operations
    1. Setting Your Customers, Patients & Relationships Up for Success with Ethan White
    2. Design Thinking & Product Development with Theodore Espiritu
    3. Patents, Trademarks & Other IP Considerations with Brian Platt
    4. How to Leverage Information Technology & Disruption in Your Business with Gunther Branham

Certification 101 Content

  1. Marketing & Growth
    1. Grow Your Business Through Gamification with Logan Erickson
    2. Brand Strategy and Brand Marketing in Sports and Health with Taylor West
    3. Building a Brand to Build Business and Personal Momentum with Connie Steele
    4. Social Media Strategy: How We Built a Following of Millions of Users and Built Our Product with Ben Dent
  2. Startups & Funding
    1. Building and Growing Your Startup for Sustainability with Jeramy Lund
    2. Venture Capital: Female Investor and Female Founder Perspective with Leslie Goldman and Keri Anderson
    3. Don't Quit Your Day Job: Build Your Idea or Venture with Rehabilitation Health with Jeramy Lund and David Bieber
    4. Capital and Structure for Startups: From Inception to Exit with Jeramy Lund, Leslie Goldman, David Bieber and Guests