Experiential Courses, Conversations & Shows

Our live experiential courses, conversations, and shows are structured around the experiences and skills most desired today and taught by subject-matter experts. Everything is recorded and available with easy navigation, abstracts, highlights, short videos, and more. Typical experiences are between 6-12 sessions.

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Health Education

  • Specialty Specific: Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation Medicine, Physician Assistant, & Nursing.
  • General: Best practices, resources, and insights for a changing landscape.
  • Patient Rehabilitation: Digital aid for patients to optimize their physical and mental rehabilitation.

Business Education

  • Strategy and Operations
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Legal

Don't Quit Your Day Job: Build Your Idea or Venture with Rehabilitation Health

Started September 16, 2020
Hosted by Jeramy Lund
Co-Founder & President at Rehabilitation Health, Managing Director Impact Investing at Sorenson Impact, Angel Investor
Capital and Structure for Startups: From Inception to Exit

Started September 23, 2020
Hosted by Leslie Goldman, Jeramy Lund, & David Bieber
Rehabilitation Health Legal and Spotlight Venture, General Partner & Co-Founder at the Artemis Fund, Angel Investor
Improving Health and Well-Being to Empower Rehabilitation for All

Starting September 23, 2020
Hosted by David Bieber & Bruce Carrington
Co-Founder & CEO at Rehabilitation Health, CEO at NextSling, Angel Investor
Health and Business From a Female's Perspective

Started August 4, 2020
Hosted by Leslie Goldman
Rehabilitation Health Legal and Spotlight Venture, General Partner & Co-Founder at the Artemis Fund, Angel Investor
Patents, Trademarks, & other Intellectual Property Considerations

Started July 22, 2020
Hosted by Brian Platt
Shareholder at Workman Nydegger, Former Director of Patent Litigation at Intellectual Ventures & Director of Litigation at NAGRA, the Digital TV Division of the Kudelski Group
Setting Your Customers, Patients, and Relationships up for Success

Started August 18, 2020
Hosted by Ethan White
SaaS Growth with Higher Customer Retention Consultant, Former Operations at Carta
Health and Rehabilitation from an Athlete's Perspective

Started July 16, 2020
Hosted by Mackenzie St.Onge
Athlete Career & Education Manager at U.S. Ski & Snowboard, Founder at The Sideline Perspective, Athletic Trainer, ex-D1 athlete at Dartmouth
The Why, What, and How of Your Company Strategy and Customer Experience

Started August 25, 2020
Hosted by Cory Black
Business Strategy and Customer Experience Consultant, Former Global Manager, Customer Success & Experience at Ivanti
How Biomechanics Lead to Improvement of Health

Starting Fall 2020
Hosted by Stephen Thomas, PhD, ATC
Associate Professor and Department Chair of Exercise Science at Thomas Jefferson University, Rehabilitation Health Scientific Advisor