Helping Health Professionals Provide a Personalized Patient Experience and Create New Revenue Streams

"The store has saved time for patients and clinicians and patient feedback for my clinic, RhodesPT has been very positive, noting the smooth process and experience for shoppers. Stores are really easy to set up and the dashboard’s ease of use within the app is great! I love that patients can access stores directly from a clinic’s website and then select their individual therapist on a clinic’s landing page for a personalized patient experience."

- Jen Bieber, Founder and Physical Therapist

Benefits of Having a Store

Your Own Online Store

A Shopify storefront to showcase your top trusted and recommended products, customizable to save you time and make life easier for your patients.

Improve the Patient Experience

Improve the patient experience by saving them time and providing quick and easy access to recommended products they trust. Our store blog helps educate patients with product and exercise content.

New Revenue Stream

Make money each time patients buy a product from your store. Health professionals can earn more than $3 per product or $500 per year. Earn additional revenue through other RH Collaborations.

Join the RH Expert Community

Health professionals who set up stores are automatically approved as health experts which includes access to trusted experts, trusted organizations, our startup toolkit, monthly virtual events, and the opportunity to advise startups.

How it Works


Login to our app to explore store features, view the storefront agreement, and set up a time to speak. We'll meet to explore fit, finalize details and complete the agreement.

Complete Setup

For clinics, we create a landing page on Shopify that displays individual therapists. For individual therapists, we’ll create a Shopify storefront with recommended products. Therapists can customize their product selection within our app.

Refer Patients

We'll provide an email template and link to refer patients, and you can start sending patients to your store. They'll select and shop from their therapist's storefront or browse all products.


Founder and Physical Therapist

Jen Bieber

Jen Bieber earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Utah, recognized as a Pro Bono National Honor Society member and Widener Award recipient. Jen specializes in orthopedic and sports physical therapy, is certified in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA-1), and passionately addresses the entire kinetic chain of each patient to educate and empower them to reach their potential. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs and enhancing her personal perspective on physical performance enhancement and recovery through her active Utah lifestyle: running, biking, kayaking, hiking, golfing, playing tennis, bouldering, and skiing.