The Ready2Exercise app personalizes every workout to your specific goals, needs, and available equipment. Exercise goals are as individual as our fingerprints. Our mission is to remove stumbling blocks of exercise and help individuals progress on their exercise journeys through workout programs that adjust to the daily chaos of life.



Kyle Poulin

Kyle is a passionate trainer that has been working with clients for the last 12 years. Kyle has founded or been an early employee at 3 startups and was previosuly an investment banker at Nomura FIG. Kyle has a MBA from BYU and a MBC from the University of Utah. Kyle is also NASM-CPT, PES, and CNC certified.

Marissa Poulin

Marissa is a passionate designer who has been helping companies create their brands for 10 years. Prior to Ready2Exercise, she designed and built the UI assets, website, and video/social media content for a health and wellness startup. She has received UX/UI certification from Google and has a BA in ASL from ISU.