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We improve health to empower rehabilitation for all. Rehabilitation is time and energy that helps you get back, maintain, and improve life.

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We've connected health professionals, lifelong learners, and health students with a desire to pay it forward to improve health. Together we help everyone problem-solve on the things and moments that matter most.

Health professionals study, diagnose, treat, and prevent mental and physical illnesses and injuries.

Lifelong learners have respect for others, are accountable, and take responsibility for their actions.

Health students spend time and energy learning new skills and specializing in their passions.

Our contributors joined Rehabilitation Health to pay it forward and teach. Our courses are structured around the skills needed most for today and taught by highly experienced and currently active professionals.
Hosted by Jeramy Lund
Co-Founder & President Rehabilitation Health, Managing Director Impact Investing Sorenson Impact
Hosted by Leslie Goldman
General Partner & Co-Founder at the Artemis Fund
Hosted by David Bieber
Co-Founder & CEO Rehabilitation Health, Managing Director PandoLabs
Receive curated introductions to other members that you'd like to get to know and that match you well!
Spend time with the people, places, and activities you desire by demonstrating your impact.
Identify help and support and find people who share similar industries and specialties.
Rehabilitate your mind and body through a focus on mother nature.
Sell Rehabilitation Health products through your own virtual store, the Rehabilitation Health virtual store, and our members virtual stores.
Turn yourself into a sustainable and profitable venture through collaborating with the Rehabilitation Health team and community.
Create sustainability with your health ventures by collaborating with the Rehabilitation Health team, technology, resources, and funding.
Provide on-demand telehealth to help patients get the knowledge and advice needed to make the best decision.

What Members Say About Us

Rehablitation Health has subject-matter experts in so many different key areas of starting a medical device business, everything from regulatory to manufacturing to intellectual property,. There’s such a complicated ecosystem when you’re making a company and you have already provided so many subject-matter experts and support – it’s been incredibly valuable “Dr. Amy Baxter, CEO Pain Care Labs
“David is one of those rare people I have worked with who I consider to be a “triple threat”: he has the ability to think strategically & craft well-thought-out strategy along with the ability to implement and execute, and he is adept at doing this in an entrepreneurial situation where resources are limited and speed is critical. David is equally talented at all of these and has the balance of EQ and IQ to succeed in leading in a broad range of business environments. David is a tremendous asset to any business he is associated with.”
Glen Goldstein, TransUnion SVP, Diversified Markets
“Several years into my career, I realized that I was unhappy with what I was doing, but more importantly, how and why I was doing it. I realized that the most important thing to improve my ‘why’ and ‘how’ was improving myself and finding the people who would best support that. That realization has led to an ongoing process of learning and adjustment, and my passion has become continually improving that process and sharing it with others. [That’s why I’m excited to be a part of Rehab Health.]”Bruce Carrington, Rehabilitation Health
“I am newer to the group and have already utilized connections to advance my business and understanding. Great people willing to help. If you’re looking for a group to learn and grow with, you are in the right place!”Kristi Holt, Vibeonix
“As you can see I’m a Bieber fan, the most important thing: David Bieber. I’m a huge Bieber fan and appreciate everything he is doing to help people improve health.”
Leslie Goldman, The Artemis Fund
“I met David Bieber January 8th at the Lassonde Institute for an event titled “How to kill your business idea”. I hadn’t planned on going, let alone even knew it was happening. Someone from my class that day mentioned it to me. Not thinking too much of it, I decided to attend.

3 key takeaways:

1. Clarity of purpose is key.
2. An idea is a starting point of beginning to learn.
3. Have people that I can get valuable, credible feedback from.

These were all great, but what has stuck with me even more than this, was that David spent additional time afterwards answering more questions that I had. He also asked me questions about myself. We got to know each other, and before long suggested we connect on LinkedIn and meet up later. He then saw to it that we did, and since then I’ve learned and grown a tremendous amount.

I’ve also been introduced to so many others because of that initial encounter, that I’m not able to expound on further in just a brief post.”Seth Berlin, University of Utah Student

“The inventor world really needs Rehabilitation Health because so many inventors are super cautious, overly inquisitive, and often hesitant to move forward, in part because there are so many well-intentioned naysayers in their community. They absolutely need good, credible advice they can trust, and this community provides that!”Jeff Holman JD, MBA, Intellectual strategies
“Rehabilitation Health is a unique and exciting group to be a part of. The community is full of inspiring and knowledgeable individuals who generously share their time and energy to improve the lives of others around them. The webinars have provided tangible and relevant content that I have utilized to improve my own business and often shared with others in my circle. I can confidently say that in a few years I’ll look back and say that being a part of Rehab Health will have been a turning point in my personal and entrepreneurial success. I can’t recommend the passion and opportunity of this group enough!”Mackenzie St.Onge, U.S. Ski & Snowboard, The Sideline Perspective
“When I look at how connecting with David and being a part of communities such as Rehab Health has helped me in my career and personal life, I keep coming back to the idea of learning, meeting new people, and seeing what interesting ideas and businesses are out there. I’ve always found my varied interests and versatile degree to be a blessing and a curse, at times paralyzing me when I think about the many career possibilities out there and how I want to move forward. What I’ve found great about the communities I’ve been introduced to has been each person’s unique stories, life and career paths, and goals. As I keep engaging in these communities, having hands-on experience, and learning from others, I’ve continued to gain a renewed excitement about what’s out there, plus more of a guide to get me where I want to go once I decide what that path will be!”Niclas Carlson, USC College Student
Prescient Insights; Innovative Strategy; Extraordinary Execution; Tenacious Commitment to Results. At Avid Alexander, the organization behind Rehabilitation Health, David Bieber continues to build and harmonize a remarkable team along with like-minded partners who have the diverse skills and abilities necessary to enable health care professionals and other entrepreneurs to bring their ideas for innovative products and services to market. David has the vision to “see the entire court” and anticipate the implications of a changing landscape. David has the raw intelligence, well-honed skills, and deep sense of purpose necessary to capitalize on the changing landscape and overcome what others might consider insurmountable obstacles.

David is the very definition of “grit” – driven, focused, persistent, and inexhaustible. David is what we all hope to find in a leader of a lean, agile team that will navigate this age of disruption to optimize on the times that are upon us. David leads by example as a “doer” delivering results through well-honed, cross-functional skills. David inspires others, (from student interns to seasoned entrepreneurs to world-renowned experts in their specialized fields) to do the same.

David lives and breathes social media marketing; internet-enabled process simplification; IP protection; as well as the tediously complex and essential tasks of product development, manufacturing and distribution. David is hands-on driving daily results; prolific in generating high-quality social media content that expands his and his partners’ network as well as initiating direct contact and revenue with customers. David draws upon the expertise of others to listen, learn, and put in place optimal solutions to run and grow businesses more efficiently and effectively.Frank Andryauskas Former Staples CIO, KB Toys CIO & EVP Supply Chain, Thermofisher Scientific VP Web Merchandising & Analytics