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Rehabilitation Health is a place where improving health and well-being leads to personal and professional success. We have a menu of options to help everyone succeed at their goals so they can have their time back.

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The Game where improving health and well-being leads to personal and professional success. Identify your superpower, select your team, select your entrepreneurial collaborations, and earn RH credits to purchase everything you need to improve your superpower. Your superpower is your company, idea, passion, hobby, or whatever you want to improve with help and support. Everyone has a superpower and we want all superpowers to flourish.
Rehabilitation Health Innovation Summits
Multi-monthly RH Innovation Summits featuring experts, innovation spotlights, curated breakout rooms, and more. Our Summits help you understand what is most interesting and exciting to you and create entrepreneurial collaborations with others in the process.
We collaborate with any person, organization, or business with an idea by de-risking your venture with technology, strategy, and awareness. We utilize our team and community to make sure you are on the optimal trajectory with your products, protocols, and software platforms.
Health Entrepreneurship Certification
Our health entrepreneurship certification program provides the knowledge and skills most needed today. Taught by experts, this is the cost-effective and comprehensive experiential learning people need to understand what's important to them.
Become a Rehabilitation Health Resource and Expert to create new revenue streams. Provide services, create content, fill in business gaps, and more.
Sponsor one of our RH Innovation Summits to spread awareness on your organization and receive help and support from our community!
The Rehabilitation Health Online Stores help health professionals create a new revenue stream and provide a personalized patient experience. Include all recommended rehabilitation and recovery products in one place instead of referring patients to other online stores.
Add your physical and digital products to our online store to have health professionals and patients use them every day. Our health professionals recommend the products their patients need most and provide exercises for those products. We also market all products on our stores.

What Members Say About Us

"I m writing to congratulate you for the last summit - It was awesome! It was so interesting - I learned a lot from you all! And I m so grateful that you invited me to be part of this amazing group. I m meeting many smart and kind people, and you are truly the responsible for that. Thank you again!"Simone C M Silvestre, MD, MSc Chief of Nutritional Therapy Team in Hospital Felício Rocho
"This has been such a rich resource personally, and for our company's VibraCool home rehabilitation product evolution. Really, there couldn't be a time when these resources are as critically needed. Bravo for putting yourself out there constantly and pulling it off!" "Rehabilitation Health has subject-matter experts in so many different key areas of starting a medical device business, everything from regulatory to manufacturing to intellectual property. There's such a complicated ecosystem when you’re making a company and you have already provided so many subject-matter experts and support - it's been incredibly valuable. "Dr. Amy Baxter, CEO Pain Care Labs
"Thank you so much David Bieber it’s been a real pleasure working with you as well! I am immensely thankful and grateful to have the opportunity to work with intelligent, kind, charismatic individuals like yourself. Great things are happening atRehabilitation Health and the northern Utah startup scene so I am honored. Thanks again and I am looking forward to a successful 2021."Emmanuel Ogana, Munca Technologies
“The inventor world really needs Rehabilitation Health because so many inventors are super cautious, overly inquisitive, and often hesitant to move forward, in part because there are so many well-intentioned naysayers in their community. They absolutely need good, credible advice they can trust, and this community provides that!”Jeff Holman JD, MBA, Intellectual Strategies
“David is one of those rare people I have worked with who I consider to be a “triple threat”: he has the ability to think strategically & craft well-thought-out strategy along with the ability to implement and execute, and he is adept at doing this in an entrepreneurial situation where resources are limited and speed is critical. David is equally talented at all of these and has the balance of EQ and IQ to succeed in leading in a broad range of business environments. David is a tremendous asset to any business he is associated with.” Glen Goldstein, TransUnion SVP, Diversified Markets
“Several years into my career, I realized that I was unhappy with what I was doing, but more importantly, how and why I was doing it. I realized that the most important thing to improve my ‘why’ and ‘how’ was improving myself and finding the people who would best support that. That realization has led to an ongoing process of learning and adjustment, and my passion has become continually improving that process and sharing it with others. [That’s why I’m excited to be a part of Rehab Health.]"Bruce Carrington, Rehabilitation Health
"David you've put together some of the best discussions and webinars with a huge range of topics that benefit everyone. Thanks for all your hard work on this and for keeping the energy going during these really tough times!"Elena Newton, CTO Xmetryx
"David Bieber, I love that you're pushing forward to create something new and needed in this space! Excited to be part of it and have already received a ton of value from connections and conversations thanks to the group."Spencer Arntsen
"Thank you for a wonderful job hosting the Summit the other day. To be honest, it was kind of what I expected and yet, a pleasant surprise for others that I didn't expect. You could tell that everyone in the room was able to see the value brought from the good honest conversation and the education from the speakers. Well done, and thank you!"Duncan Littlefield, The Littlefield Co.
"I am grateful for the time and detail you pay to everyone you have brought together here David. Quite a monumental task - especially for a group of high-performance individuals running in many directions."Nathan Ruben, Co-Founder & CEO Smart Beat
"Every once in a while I find myself in the right place, at the right time, having the right conversation. Such a great event learning from amazing speakers. It was all inspiring to STAY HUNGRY 🤓🤙🏽. There is always more learning to be done. Thank you for the energy boost! Great event!!"Emily M. Marshall-Reaves, PT, DPT, CLT
"Fully support this mission, what I have learned from watching David Bieber build this group, and from the conversations I have had with the members and speakers, I can't help but imagine mine and Tinker's growth after a few more months of this group. I'm grateful for the philanthropic mindset of the group and for the great examples I get to be surrounded by. I am learning from some of the most talented people I have met and am leveling up because of you all. And being reminded that our health should be centric to our lifestyle is also a big plus to be reminded of in the business community."Dan Newbold, CEO Tinker RnD
"Thank YOU David Bieber! Kudos to you and the entire Rehabilitation Health team for an outstanding summit and for creating such a rich community for all of us to thrive and grow!"Kate DiLeo, CEO & Chief Brand Architect at Ennōbble
"I joined this group in 2020 and am blown away by the leadership and the community! As I continue down the road of mental health and emotional wellbeing, this is the group I want to do it with. For all of you looking for a group/community to learn, be inspired, and meet amazing people around the world, please join us!"Kristi Holt, CEO Vibeonix
“I am so grateful to be part of an enterprise dedicated to paying it forward and improving lives. I know Rehab Health will make a tremendous difference. Thank you for including me! As you can see I’m a Bieber fan, the most important thing: David Bieber. I’m a huge Bieber fan and appreciate everything he is doing to help people improve health.” Leslie Goldman, General Partner The Artemis Fund
“I met David Bieber January 8th at the Lassonde Institute for an event titled “How to kill your business idea”. I hadn’t planned on going, let alone even knew it was happening. Someone from my class that day mentioned it to me. Not thinking too much of it, I decided to attend. 3 key takeaways: 1. Clarity of purpose is key. 2. An idea is a starting point of beginning to learn. 3. Have people that I can get valuable, credible feedback from. These were all great, but what has stuck with me even more than this, was that David spent additional time afterwards answering more questions that I had. He also asked me questions about myself. We got to know each other, and before long suggested we connect on LinkedIn and meet up later. He then saw to it that we did, and since then I’ve learned and grown a tremendous amount. I’ve also been introduced to so many others because of that initial encounter, that I’m not able to expound on further in just a brief post."Seth Berlin, University of Utah Student
"Health Entrepreneurship cert 😍😍!"Nora Gilman MS, LAT, ATC
"Easily the best summit I've been to in a long time. Thanks for such great content, leaders and participants!"Colin Jackson, CFO
"I just learned about this group and met David a couple of weeks ago. I am blown away by the quality and ethos of the people on this platform! The individuals I have spoken with so far have all been passionate about making a meaningful positive impact while remaining true to who they are and what matters most..So many good things came out of 2020 for me, and learning about this platform is definitely one of those! I look forward to getting more involved in 2021. David Bieber, congrats on a year well lived!"Rachel Salomonsen, MPH, PhD
"This is amazing - where has it been all of my clinical life?!
"Kimberly Fallgatter, MS, OTR/L
"This is very exciting as any successful person knows they never did it alone. There are always people helping along the way. The best part is, that you don't have to wait to be successful to offer help. Everyone has something to offer and this community creates that culture where the first question is always 'How can I help'." Dr. Stephen Thomas, Associate Professor and Department Chair of Exercise Science at Thomas Jefferson University
“Rehabilitation Health is a unique and exciting group to be a part of. The community is full of inspiring and knowledgeable individuals who generously share their time and energy to improve the lives of others around them. The webinars have provided tangible and relevant content that I have utilized to improve my own business and often shared with others in my circle. I can confidently say that in a few years I’ll look back and say that being a part of Rehab Health will have been a turning point in my personal and entrepreneurial success. I can’t recommend the passion and opportunity of this group enough!”Mackenzie St.Onge, U.S. Ski & Snowboard, The Sideline Perspective
"Congrats on creating something meaningful and all the success of this venture and community, David! Watching your journey has been truly inspiring, my friend!"Earl Foote, CEO & Founder at Nexus IT Consultants, Salt Lake Chamber Board of Directors
"Thanks David and team for putting together such a great program yesterday! I was honored to be a part of it."Nathan Slack, Private Investor and Experienced Finance Executive
“When I look at how connecting with David and being a part of communities such as Rehab Health has helped me in my career and personal life, I keep coming back to the idea of learning, meeting new people, and seeing what interesting ideas and businesses are out there. I’ve always found my varied interests and versatile degree to be a blessing and a curse, at times paralyzing me when I think about the many career possibilities out there and how I want to move forward. What I’ve found great about the communities I’ve been introduced to has been each person’s unique stories, life and career paths, and goals. As I keep engaging in these communities, having hands-on experience, and learning from others, I’ve continued to gain a renewed excitement about what’s out there, plus more of a guide to get me where I want to go once I decide what that path will be!”Niclas Carlson, USC College Student
"David Bieber I love being a part of something that’s so dynamic and able to help so many people!"Wendy Stabler Elkington, Dixie State University Founders Series
Prescient Insights; Innovative Strategy; Extraordinary Execution; Tenacious Commitment to Results. At Avid Alexander, the organization behind Rehabilitation Health, David Bieber continues to build and harmonize a remarkable team along with like-minded partners who have the diverse skills and abilities necessary to enable health care professionals and other entrepreneurs to bring their ideas for innovative products and services to market. David has the vision to “see the entire court” and anticipate the implications of a changing landscape. David has the raw intelligence, well-honed skills, and deep sense of purpose necessary to capitalize on the changing landscape and overcome what others might consider insurmountable obstacles. David is the very definition of “grit” – driven, focused, persistent, and inexhaustible. David is what we all hope to find in a leader of a lean, agile team that will navigate this age of disruption to optimize on the times that are upon us. David leads by example as a “doer” delivering results through well-honed, cross-functional skills. David inspires others, (from student interns to seasoned entrepreneurs to world-renowned experts in their specialized fields) to do the same. David lives and breathes social media marketing; internet-enabled process simplification; IP protection; as well as the tediously complex and essential tasks of product development, manufacturing and distribution. David is hands-on driving daily results; prolific in generating high-quality social media content that expands his and his partners’ network as well as initiating direct contact and revenue with customers. David draws upon the expertise of others to listen, learn, and put in place optimal solutions to run and grow businesses more efficiently and effectively.Frank Andryauskas Former Staples CIO, KB Toys CIO & EVP Supply Chain, Thermofisher Scientific VP Web Merchandising & Analytics
"I want to share how thrilled I am to be part of this community/organization. Based on what I have already seen and the people I have met, I’m even more excited now to continue learning from the great leaders within this community. I have been sheltering in place, read several books and exercised nearly everyday. It’s an incredible opportunity to be on this platform. I have long admired David Bieber’s storied brand and having him as my mentor is gifted."Gladymir Philippe, CEO StealTix